Next level trust analysis and development.

Do people trust you? Your organization or brand? Your message?

We can find out. Why they may trust you, and why they may not.

And because we can do this, we can help you build trust, rapport, value and loyalty with customers, employees, partners, and the public.

25 years of studying what people tell themselves about the world and how it works has led to a proprietary framework for discovering and understanding how human trust works.

We have a tool we have built to enable you build unusually deep trust and loyalty with customers, employees, and partners.

  • Guiding Narratives® – a research-based tool from The Good People Research Company that recognizes the Guiding Narrative a group or segment uses to evaluate individuals, brands, and institutions, and provides language and behavior guidance that builds credibility and trust with consumer and employee groups. Your actions and messaging are only as good as your understanding of how they are received by your audiences.

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