The Good People Research Company has designed courses that empower individuals and teams to provide clear value to their customers, employees, team members and partners.

Value is the measure of whether something matters to an individual or group. The keys to what delivers value are found in the individual or group’s inner narrative (Guiding Narrative®) and their lived experience.

The training we provide is based on 30+ years of field experience studying individuals in diverse social settings as well as a rich academic literature on the science of human connection. It complements data the organization collects on its customers and employees by showing the organization how to place the data in real life context. In other words, we teach clients how to take the “what” people do and how to explain “why” they do it.

Current training courses include:

  1.  Title: Guiding Narrative: The Only Story That Matters™
    How to discern the way others use an internal narrative to view the world and make meaning of events and other stimuli. This course enables leaders, team members, and HR professionals, as well as marketing and sales teams to identify more precisely what motivates colleagues and customers and how to use this insight to connect with them and build lasting rapport.


  2. Title: Being Human
    How to think like a human-centered social researcher and do human-centered research. This course enables all team members to adopt the skills sociologists and cultural anthropologists use to interpret both colleague and customer behavior that goes around and beyond quantitative data. Quantitative data tells you “what” humans do. Well curated qualitative data explains “why” they do it.


  3. Title: How Data Becomes Insight
    How to discern the “why” from the “what” in existing survey data, CRM’s and Customer Data Platforms and translate that data into meaningful actions. Your organization collects tons of data on your customers, and possibly staff. So what? What does it mean? This course enables all members of the organization to place all of the “what” data in your organization into proper, meaningful context so it can actually be applied to real life.

  4. Title: Building Trust and Rapport That’s Real
    How to build trust with customers, employees and team members through learned “gestures” you can institute and practice in your organization. Based on several years’ research into human trust with the Better Business Bureau and FINRA, this course will present 5 characteristics of authentic trust relationships between individuals and organizations, as well as between individuals themselves.


  5. Title: Brand Ethnographics: The Culture of Branding
    How to use an understanding of group culture to build brands and brand messaging that matter to the marketplace. This course presents and explains the phases that brands travel through when introduced, accepted, and leveraged within groups. It will enable leaders, marketers, sales teams and HR professionals socialize audiences in a way that connects the organization’s brand to lived experience and Guiding Narrative of audiences meaningful to the organization.

Let’s do good work together.