Research and Advising.

The Good People Research Company is a human-centered research and advisory firm.


We study customers, employees, and constituent groups within communities on behalf of brands, corporations, NGO’s, nonprofits, professional associations, and government agencies.  

Key areas of focus and capabilities:

  • Deep exploration of customer and employee populations to support:
    • marketing & sales
    • product development
    • new market discovery, validation & development
    • brand extension
    • product design
    • branding & messaging
  • Enhancing CRM effectiveness and interpreting the meaning of customer and employee data the organization has gathered. by segment.
  • Customer and employee trust and loyalty analysis + recommendations for building trust and loyalty with different audiences.
  • Product UI and CX analysis + recommendations by customer segment.
  • Communication and management decision and behavior audit for connection and credibility with customer, employee, and public subcultures.
  • Brand and product differentiation in largely commodified industries.

We seek the “why” to help organizations give context to and make sense of the “what” most of their data are telling them. We turn the typical information you get from surveys and your own analytic platforms into an immersive experience where what you know about your customers, partners, constituents, and employees comes to life in full context of how they experience the world.

When you see the world through another’s eyes, you gain concrete tools to build trust and credibility, develop rapport, and deliver value.

We also provide training, publicly share what we learn (non-proprietary to clients), and are available for keynote speaking engagements at conferences, retreats, and remote learning sessions.


To provide clients with a deep understanding of why the people important to them think and behave as they do and how the client’s brand does or does not have meaning in their lives. This insight not only guides product design, marketing, branding, and messaging, but it gives the organization the ability to learn how best to build trust, develop rapport, and create value. With and for actual people.

We use a variety of research and analytical methods to surface and discover latent reasons people behave as they do based on their lived experience and Guiding Narrative® about the world, favoring human-centered approaches:

  • Ethnography
  • Oral history
  • Focus Groups (naturalistic, context-based focus groups in facility, online and in field)
  • In-depth observational interviews (online and in the field)
  • Immersive participant-observation
  • Documentary-making
  • Conversation analysis
  • Social listening
  • CRM and CDP Analytics

We then help clients validate, extrapolate and apply our understanding using quantitative, independently empirical approaches.

  • Surveys
  • Statistical modeling
  • Machine learning
  • Algorithm developmenE

Let’s do good work together.