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A human-centered, social research and advisory firm, we use cultural insight to help our clients build trust, develop rapport, and create value. With and for actual people.

Org leaders, entrepreneurs, marketers and content creators:

We make sure you know the stories you should be telling ® to customers, employees, and the world, and why. We study the social and cultural life of individuals and groups and learn:


  • Why they value your brand or not
  • Why they trust you or not
  • Why they prefer certain products or features
  • Why certain segments are your best customers


  • Why some will stay and some will leave
  • Why some are more productive than others
  • Why certain candidates are more likely a fit for your culture


  • Why your brand is relevant or irrelevant
  • Why people want to promote your brand or a competitor’s
  • Why certain market segments are more likely to become customers

Some good people we've done work for.

Good People We Work With Client Logos

Kind Words.

I hope to be able to work with Craig and his team for my entire business career. Their work is unparalleled. They can explain the results and make them actionable. Their unique and highly relevant ethnographic training works very well since it allows them to put themselves “in other’s shoes” better than anyone I know.  Their patience, professionalism and attention to detail help drive consistent, accurate business conclusions.

Mike Reid

CEO, Agros Ventures

Craig and his team are my resource-of-choice for research projects of any scale; they’re the first call I make and frequently the ONLY call I make. We’ve worked on a number of projects together, and I trust completely their science, productivity, good humor, and business practices. They’re clear, focused, timely, authoritative, insightful, professional. I never hesitate to have them interact with my clients, who respond very well to their work, his presentations, and his analyses. I’ve come to rely on their good counsel, and respect their opinions, especially when they’re different than mine — I trust them to tell the truth and I value their judgment immensely. I never hesitate in giving them my highest recommendation.

Donald R. “Chip” Levy

Principal Emeritus The Rochelle Organization

Craig and his team have shown us how our customers see our solutions and their relationship with our company, and why. This enables us to understand how and where we can deliver greater value to our network banks every day.

Robert Sandler

Sr. Director, Sales Operation, IntraFi Networks

Craig and his team were instrumental to the creation of BBB’s 5 Gestures of Trust, an exciting new framework for consumer – business relationships. Their work supported our effort to keep a 100-year-old brand relevant for today’s audience.

Bennie Johnson

CEO, American Marketing Association | Former Chief Strategy Officer, BBB

I worked with Craig and his team at Ergobaby for consumer insights, specifically ethnography studies, with complicated recruiting criteria and the objective of gaining a deep understanding consumer segmentation. They came up with a comprehensive plan and delivered in-depth analysis and clear recommendations, on time, and on budget. Working with them was a real pleasure, they listened carefully and asked great questions.

Annie Chen

Former Global Product Manager, Ergobaby

Craig immediately took measures to win the confidence of hundreds of beat cops through whom he observed the operations of the LAPD. By force of his pleasant personality, communication skills, calm demeanor, professionalism and display of sincerity, he won the officers over to his cause. Across the board they quickly accepted him as qualified, sincere and well intentioned.

There is no doubt that Craig Honick played a very special and critical role in bringing about process improvement in one of the largest and most well-known police agencies in America.

Lawrence Fetters

Deputy Chief, LAPD (Retired)

What we've learned.

Real findings from our research that surprises and/or delights us.